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Lillie (Lilliann), locally grown, always has a smile for everyone.  She is our music specialist.  If she can dance to it and it makes her smile, it is welcome in our office.  She is working on a rather lengthy music file with Millie.

Gray (Gracelynn), also locally grown, is reknown for her contagious smile that started at just three, yes 3, days old! She is our "happiness specialist" who visits on occasion with smiles, laughter, and hugs to help the faint of heart.

Gideon (aka "Bubba"), also from Denver, is the landscape vice-manager.  Gideon has been working under Allen's instructions since 2004.  They make an incredible team.  Gideon has an intense love for the outdoors and the beauty in it.  He shows this through his care of the land whether travelling or landscaping. He is an amazing weed puller as well.

Allen (aka Big Mac), from Denver, is our landscape manager.  With over 2 years experience of mowing prior to joining our team in 2015, he is currently undergoing training to add edging and fertilizing to his skill set. He has an inspiring background educationally and internationally touring both Europe and America. He is helping improve our outward appearance so it more appropriately matches the artwork and care we put inside our building and into your smiles.

Holly , our stellar hygienist, has been a part of our dental team since December 2015.  Holly graduated at Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely, CO on May 9, 2015.   She is from Grand Junction, CO and loves spending time with family and friends.   During her free time she enjoys camping, hiking, snowboarding, and painting...and comedy movies and Pinterest!

Gia is doing amazing work running the heart of the office.  After joining us in July 2016, she has managed to work miracles in her responsibilities at the front desk.  Though born and raised in Utah, her husband swept her off her feet and eventually relocated her and their two daughters to our area in 2010.  Her skills as a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician, earned in July 2001, help her in reviewing your charts.  Though her specialty is in medicine, she is passionate about all aspects of healthcare and the finer details of all tasks which is evident in her work with us.  She strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task.  She is open to and enjoys learning new things as evidenced by her success through hard work and dedication.  Spending time with family and friends is extremely important to her.  The outdoors call at her constantly, no matter the activity.  When indoors, she enjoys reading, music, crocheting, and watching movies.  Friendliness comes naturally for her, as you will observe.  Her kindness radiates via her smile and laugh as she loves building relationships with people in the community.  She is a loyal, talented, and caring person who loves making a difference in the lives of others!

"Dr. H" (Dr. Bruce W. Hoggan D.D.S.) loves being a dentist. He is a Colorado native and is excited to be back home. He grew up in Arvada, learning the value of hard work in his family of 13 kids (7 girls & 6 boys).

He earned his Eagle Scout award at the young age of 14, and studied diligently so he could get into college. After a 2 year church mission to Atlanta, Georgia, he changed his vocational goals from being a gymnastics trainer to becoming a dentist so he could accommodate a family friendly lifestyle.

Bruce met and married his beautiful wife Amelia while earning his associate's degree at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. After 2 semesters at Brigham Young University, they moved back to Colorado and soon after, Bruce became one of the few dentists in America granted early admittance to dental school. In 2002 he entered the University of Colorado Health Science Center - School of Dentistry and in 2003 he was awarded a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University. Immediately upon his graduation from dental school in 2006, he was sworn into active duty as a Captain in the United States Army. Dr. Hoggan then completed an optional one year residency where he gained skills beyond what the average general dentist acquires in the first decade of business.

After residency, Dr. Hoggan's military assignment sent him to Germany. Shortly after relocating there with his family, he was called to serve his country in Iraq for 15 months. There he gained valuable experience in and out of the dental chair. After the deployment, Dr. Hoggan spent his last year in Germany traveling with his family, collecting antiques, and continuing his education by establishing a dental study club. Bruce has many hobbies, including family time, canyoneering, entrepreneurial business ventures, swing dancing, wood carving, pulling weeds, and renovating. 

He loves being in this beautiful countryside, watching sunrises and sunsets, enjoying wildlife, and is thrilled to have so many growing friendships in our small community.  

Linc (Lincoln), from Georgia, loves making smiles and making yards beautiful.  He is responsible for selecting and maintaining the flowers out front to bring a touch of class and warmth as you drive in.  He loves giving hugs, especially to kind elderly ladies.

Millie (Amelia), from Salt Lake City, has travelled the world to see all types of marketing.  Her uncanny wisdom and insight as our Marketing Coordinator guides us in directions that make the biggest benefit for us and our community.  Her detailed eye has made our office decor feel so homey: a frequent subject of compliments we receive.  We have been greatly blessed to have her on our team from our opening in 2010.

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